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Name: Eve Torres Gracie
DOB: August 21st 1984
WWE Debut: February 1, 2008
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
From: Denver, Colorado
WWE Debut: May 2007
Retired: January 2013

Mini Bio: Eve spent 6 years in WWE. During that time she became the first Diva Search winner to win the championship and the first Diva to win the Divas Title on three occasions. Now she's signed under a legends deal and is an ambassador for WWE. She is a spokeswoman and head instructor for the Gracie Women Empowered Self-defense program. Plus, she holds a purple belt from the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. After she retired from wrestling, Eve started to fulfill a career in acting. Starting with her role as Reyna Flores in El Rey's Matador. Her most recent project is Skiptrace. Eve and her sister in-law own INJoy The Party, a rental company that focuses on detailed, one-of-a-kind themed parties. If you read more, just click here.
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Time sure does fly. It’s been 3 years since Eve Torres (Gracie) retired from wrestling so Eve-Gracie.com decided to do this Eve Retirement Project. It’s not a surprise that many people miss Eve in the ring and wish she’d come back. But while she’s living her life (and we all are very happy for her!!), we asked beliEVErs to share their thoughts from January 14th, 2013. Here they are:

Tony (@pvreheroines)

First thing I thought when she retired on that segment was like “she has to be joking” but she wasn’t… I miss her a lot and I’ll never forget all the good stuff she did to the divas division!

Ali (@alivspunk)

My initial thoughts on Eve’s retirement was pure shock, it’s rare for me to attach to any of the divas in comparison to my favourite superstars in the past. Out of ALL the divas in that locker room from 2008 till 2013, Eve was hands down the only one I gravitated to. (Mainly because she was my 3rd crush :P) but also the fact you could tell she wanted to be in that ring and excel with her move-set, I could tell she definitely had something special ,and it took long enough for Eve to finally turn heel! Thus becoming one of the best heels I’ve seen played out on television since the Ruthless Aggression era. Her retirement was most definitely a shocker and a huge loss for the women’s division. Although, despite that, seeing her life outside the ring with her love for Jiu-jitsu and being part of the Gracie clan really makes me happy for her. Eve was, and still is, an extremely talented, modest, beautiful and respected woman, in and out of the ring. Definitely a role model for all.

Rich (@bornthisrich)

Eve was one of the reasons why I fell in love with wrestling, especially women’s wrestling. When I first saw her in a match, I was fascinated by her athletism, her incredible moves and her stunning personality. I remember reading rumors that her match with Kaitlyn, on the 20th anniversary of Raw, would be her last. I didn’t want to believe it. I woke up on a Tuesday morning and when I read she actually retirted, obviously I was devastated. It was hard for me to cope with the fact that the first WWE Diva I fell in love with will no longer grace my screen. After a few days,I was finally okay with this and realized that just because she left, she will still be part of many other projects. Eve accomplished everything a WWE Diva would ever want; she got to win the championship not only once, but three times, she got to play both heel and face, she main evented RAW and she even got her Wrestlemania moment. Still to this day, Eve is my favorite WWE Diva, and I know there won’t be anyone like her.

Anthony (@IronCitySaint)

When I found out that Eve retired, I was heartbroken because she was my favorite of the 2007 Diva Search, I voted for her from the beginning of the contest so I was like “why my favorite, the one I voted and rooted for do that to me ?” but years later, I’m proud of what she acomplished over the years in the WWE. First winner of a Diva Search competition to hold a title, first 3x WWE Divas Champion. And I admire her for the decision made which was not easy to make.

Scottie (@lifeasscoot)

Eve Torres was my favorite women’s wrestler and she was so good at everything she does face or heel it dosent matter because she always delivered although heel Eve was the best and had me the most interested and when Eve retired I was so upset I cried because I love Eve so much ik her theme songs all of them all of her moves and I loved her in ring work when Eve left the wwe divad division suffered a drought for a little while we miss and love you Eve please come back one day

Ashley (@allthingsnemeth)

Hey Eve! This is Ashley, my thoughts you retired were all over the place. I didn’t want you to leave, but I knew you had to do more with your life! I’m happy to see you’re doing so good in life.

Nick (@FearlessRIOT)

As a wrestling fan, the retirement of one of your favorites can be a devastating experience. As much as it’s hard to accept when they initially announce it, it can be just as devastating weeks, month, or even years after they hang up the boots. It’s been three years since the beautiful, talented, intelligent, and amazing woman known as Eve Torres ended her run with the WWE. It was an amazing run consisting of so many memorable moments that I was able to make a Top 10 dedicated to them on my blog last year ().

She was able to connect with fans such as myself and prove that just because she won a contest to get into the company doesn’t mean that she had nothing to offer. She became on of the best Divas of the modern era from both a wrestling and character standpoint and ultimately my personal favorite Diva in the process, which made her retirement hard to cope with. However, given her reasoning for departing, I knew it was a decision I had to respect and I totally did. And I’m glad to know that her life outside the ring since then has been going well. Three years later, I’m still a BeliEVEr and I know that I always will be.

Linda (@_SkyHighRollins)

I can’t exactly remember how I reacted, but when I think about it know, I guess the perfect word to describe Eve’s departure is/was shock, Pure shock. I don’t think that anybody expected it to happen after she lost the title to Kaitlyn. Especially not in a short video on WWE Active. Which really kinda pissed me off I guess, that she had to leave that way. I think she deserved more than that for being with the company for 6/7 years. Eve spiced it all a bit up when she turned heel the year before and there was still much potential for future feuds. She was a great worker, always gave her best, so yeah, it was sad to see her go.

Boris (@bvmbshelled)

Regarding her retirement, I was really disappointed she decided to leave because she was on a roll as heel and as a champion. My favorite moments of her career were definitely her heel turn and her whole 3rd Divas title run. She was amazing at playing the bad girl. I also loved her matches with Beth Phoenix, Layla and Alicia Fox, it was always nice to see her grow and eventually reach the top.

Victoria (@sethsgear)

I was so sad when Eve retired. She was a huge inspiration to me. My favorite moments of hers was when she was in the storyline with John Cena and her first divas title reign. I love Eve to the moon and back and I support her in everything she does.

Angie (@samoansdrop)

I have been a fan of Eve for years. Since she debut in WWE. She had this edge to her I just loved so much that I wanted more. Since then my love for Eve grew tremendously. The day she won the Divas championship mark my words was and still is the best day of my life. I actually began to cry, I didn’t know what came over me I just started to shed tears. Of course I was a little upset she lost it but then she quit. My heart sank so quickly, I just had to turn off the television. I thought it was a hallucination but if wasn’t. I was shocked. I cried every Monday night expecting for Eve to show up but she didn’t. It was for the best, she got married and had baby Gracie and living her life. In or out of the ring, I will continue to support Eve no matter what happens.

Jen (@Hbklover123)

I saw Eve on her last night with WWE. She lost her Divas Championship to Kaitlyn, and although I was happy for Kaitlyn, I was sad to see Eve leave. She was always there when I was watching. She slayed in the ring, on the mic, and as an authority figure.


I was saddened to learn Eve had retired from the WWE. I didn’t even read any dirt sheets, so I was shocked when she quit on the WWE App (Alicia Fox’s inspiration!). I will always love her promo with the Miz in 2010 after Bragging Rights and her being a part of an iconic backstage segment with Rock and Austin, and Queen Mae Young. I was so happy she main evented Raw in her hometown of Denver, Colorado, even though the ring announcer annoyed me by not announcing her from there and her being forced to lose to someone who was being overpushed two weeks in a row. I popped when she won at NoC in the match of the night against Layla El, winning the Divas Title for the 3rd time and having my favorite reign. She had one of my favorite ring gear in history and had theme of the year from 2011 to 2013. She will forever be iconic and loved that she put over Kaitlyn in her hometown. She was the first of two women to put the Divas Title on the line in Houston, Texas with the chance of losing it by DQ or Count-Out!

Jack (@xbitchfit)

I remember 2012 really well – it was the year Eve really grew into her own. As a huge fan it was a joy to watch her take on new challenges and stories, and her heel turn was so fun to watch. When she won the Divas Title, it felt so perfect. So hearing she had decided to retire was a huge shock, and a huge loss to the divas division. In many ways I still believe Eve was the perfect Diva – she was beautiful, talented, hard working and inspirational. To see her journey with WWE end was sad for fans like me, but the journey she had taken since has been just as exciting to watch and I’m thankful I got to watch her career grow.

Claude (@AllHailCMPunk)

It was shocking that Eve retired in January of 2013. As a fan, it was almost as if time stopped. Knowing we would never see her in a WWE ring again was unbelievable at the time. Eve was such a talented diva, and wrestled with grace in the ring. My favorite moment was when Eve won her third diva’s championship in Boston at Night of Champions. She was no doubt one of the greatest champions we had at the time. Can’t believe it has been three years since her retirement. I enjoyed watching Eve on television, and she will never be forgotten in WWE.

Ashley (@ackleshippie/@PrettySlamma)

It was at the end of my day when I heard a rumor that Eve may be leaving WWE. I remember I was sitting in study hall and found an article on Twitter about it. It instantly made me sad, but I was kind of in denial too. I didn’t think she would leave, honestly. But when she did “quit,” I was happy that I had a little bit of warning before. I could tell that this wasn’t just some storyline, that she was actually leaving. I was happy for her, she was going to be able to start living her life and start a family. I was just happy that I had the chance to meet her before she left the company and see her wrestle live. I don’t watch the product as much anymore, but when I do I still miss seeing her on the shows and being apart of the things that go on with WWE. But, I’m glad that she’s happy and being able to do what she loves!

xo, Ashley

Donita (@DMariePetean)

When I found out that Eve had her last match 3 years ago (CRAZY to think that it’s been 3 years), I was so sad. There was really no other diva that I latched on to since Trish (Melina is a close second, but I digress). When Eve left, it really made me sad. I learned so much from her and really resonated with her as a fellow academic. Watching her grow as a competitor from 2007-2013 was such an experience and one of my favorite periods of time in WWE. She really cared and she really tried, and she came to love it, and you could see that resonate. Plus, her run as a heel just makes me so giddy every time I think about it haha. Eve-in and out of the WWE- showcased what hard work can get you in the end, if you put my best foot forward, and keep trying to better yourself every day, and in her case, every time she stepped foot in the ring. I also am reminded (as an honors junior History major) that it is perfectly acceptable for girls to be pretty, smart, and kick ass at the same time, something that I had trouble with accepting for a long time. She is sorely missed in the company right now, as I feel she would fit in the ‘Revolution.’ That said, I am happy for the life she has now, and the fact that she still has fond memories of her time in the ring and is proud of it and doesn’t try to hide it. I am so proud that she has been the wonderful inspiration and role model that she has been and continues to be. God bless!

Donita Petean

Sami (@adoringbellas_)

my thoughts on Eve Retiring was omg I was shocked and sad but also happy for her to start a family soon she deserves all the best wishes in the world, one of the most underrated divas and simply amazing first ever 3x champion and I’m so proud of her as a fan. my favourite moment ever of EVE TORRES in WWE is when she beat Layla at NOC to become a 3x champion, she was such an awesome heel and she inspires me so much. She means everything to me, she will forever be missed in wwe and I just hope she has an amazing future with her family.


Love #TrueBeliEVEr Sami

Célia (@CeehMarieFenty)

Well, I’m Believer since January 17, 2012! I became a Eve’s fan when I bought the WWE game and she was the DIVA who won and delighted me, so I started playing this! Every day I entered the WWE’s official website for see pictures, information and videos of Eve matches! Up until there came a day when I entered the site, I not found Eve in the group of the DIVAS, so I was worried because didn’t know what was happening, not even occurred to me mind that she left WWE. It was on January 27 2013, when I asked a friend what had happened and then she told me that ‘Eve gave up the company’. When I read the message that my friend sent to me, I was no reaction at that time, I wasn’t to believe it was true. Until I saw the video of the last match Eve on YouTube… And I saw the video where she was interviewed by the presenter of blue eyes (Now I can’t remember his name) in which she said she would give up WWE. That hurts my heart, Eve was my favourite fighter. Incredible as it is, when people ask me “Who’s your favorite DIVA?” I answer “Eve Torres” and they talk “but she isn’t in WWE” and I reply “Yes, it’s true, but she’s will always be my favorite DIVA. ” Your way enchanted me! What fascinated me first on Eve was in place when I saw her fight. The attire is beautiful! I was really in love with attire that Eve wore. I loved that Eve return to WWE, by the way is my dream! Eve, if you see my message, I want to tell you that I am a T R U E #BeliEVEr, I love you so much my queen! You’re a fantastic mother.

Aidan (@zaddyziggler)

I was so upset when I watched her quit on the app and it was confirmed she had left, it felt like my heart had been ripped out and torn in two, she was such an inspiration to me as a kid, always put a smile on my face and i’ll never forget her, i love her to pieces

Kyle (@eraofgrande)

I started watching WWE at a very young age. I could never really get into the superstars as much and always preferred the divas. The moment I saw Eve in the ring I fell in love. Every time RAW was on I would sit in front the tv hoping Eve would have a match. I was such a stan for her, every time she lost a match I was threaten to quit watching WWE but I always found myself right back in front of the tv waiting for Eve to come out. I grew up watching and loving her and when Kaitlyn defeated for the title I turned off the tv right before the three count and starting trashing all my WWE things saying I would never watch WWE again. It got even worse when I found out she quit, I went crazy. Now three years later I realize how stupid I was, because she’s so happy now and that’s all that matters to me.
Patrick (@patrickramoray/@BeliEvePL)
Obviously, I was sad when I found out that Eve had retired. She was on top of her game but somebody once said “legends are made when they go out while they’re in the top” and I think it fits Eve perfectly. As sad as I was about her retirement, I knew she would succeed in life. She’s a beautiful, smart, classy, educated woman and it makes me happy that she’s living her life. Not only is she a movie star, but she’s also doing what she loves and that is teaching women self defense. She’s definitely a good role model for other people and she deserves all the best. All Hail Eve Torres Gracie.

Plus, we received some edits and videos.

Tribute video made by Sabriy (@wrestlingog)

Art made by Alex (@ThePugnificent)

Message and edit made by Samantha (@xLitaFan4Everx)

A message and edit sent by Marie (gxmechxnger)

January 14, 2013. I remember when I had heard WWE announcing a Divas Championship bout between then-Divas Champion Eve Torres against Kaitlyn on Raw 20th Anniversary…in her hometown of Houston, Texas. I was excited, yet intrigued because of the way their feud was booked and every diva had a significant role. Then, I had seen dirt sheets, wrestling news sites, etc., reporting about Eve leaving WWE and I kid you not, I was so devastated. Like I had stopped watching WWE after Trish/Lita left, still remember little bits of Candice Michelle, or I’d tune in and out (lol), but I had seen Eve Torres and immediately caught my attention. I was pleased on having witnessed someone evolve over 6 years of their life and snatch not one, sure as hell not two, but (first) three championship reigns! Queen.
I will go out on several limbs and say your departure and how WWE wrote you off was something I’ve never seen from any woman since Trish Stratus.
“The crowd should be cheering for me, I don’t need this place, I don’t need you, I don’t need WWE, I won a reality show, that’s right, I quit!” I C O N I C
Well I wrote waaay too much, but wanna say thank you for everything unconditionally and even though I probably won’t ever get to meet the woman who made an impact in my life next to my mother, I’ll live.
Thank You, Eve Torres Gracie.

Marie V. Rios

ps. I’m still wishing on my lucky stars for one more match!


It’s safe to say that Eve is truly missed by the WWE Universe but we all are happy for her and we sure are excited for all her current and upcoming projects. Eve had a great career and we hope it’s only a matter of time before she gets inducted into the Hall of Fame.


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