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Name: Eve Torres Gracie
DOB: August 21st 1984
WWE Debut: February 1, 2008
Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts
From: Denver, Colorado
WWE Debut: May 2007
Retired: January 2013

Mini Bio: Eve spent 6 years in WWE. During that time she became the first Diva Search winner to win the championship and the first Diva to win the Divas Title on three occasions. Now she's signed under a legends deal and is an ambassador for WWE. She is a spokeswoman and head instructor for the Gracie Women Empowered Self-defense program. Plus, she holds a purple belt from the Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. After she retired from wrestling, Eve started to fulfill a career in acting. Starting with her role as Reyna Flores in El Rey's Matador. Her most recent project is Skiptrace. Eve and her sister in-law own INJoy The Party, a rental company that focuses on detailed, one-of-a-kind themed parties. If you read more, just click here.
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Those of you who know me well know that I’m a huge fan of WWE, been a fan for years, so ya I was naturally stoked when, special thanks to Lionsgate DirecTV, and Saban Films, I recently had the opportunity to interview former WWE star/diva Eve Torres who co-stars with Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville in the new movie, “Skiptrace” which hits select theaters and On Demand September 2nd.

It’s an action-comedy about by-the-book Hong Kong detective Benny Chan trying to avenge his partner’s murder at the hands of a drug lord. When Benny learns that freewheeling American gambler Connor Watts (Knoxville) has the evidence he needs, he teams with Connor to get justice. Eve Torres plays a tough muscle, a villain named Dasha who’s giving Jackie and Johnny’s characters a hard time.
But of course, my conversation with Eve Torres would also include WWE, so check out the entire interview below for Eve Torres’ answer when I asked her whether or not she would make a comeback.

Rama’s Screen: Hi, Eve, I am geekin’ out right now because I’m a huge WWE fan. So thank you for this time and opportunity. My first question is obviously I’d like to know what your experience was like working with Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville on this film because I’ve met Jackie before and I’ve interviewed Johnny before and they’re both just such fun people.

Eve Torres: “Man, Jackie was everything I dreamed Jackie would be and more. This man is a genius, he’s impeccable in his timing and comedy and everything. But what you don’t see about Jackie is how much he cares and how hands on he is with every part of the production. When he’s not shooting, you’d think he’d be in his trailer, but instead he’s there..the first time I met him, he got up and made me a plate of lunch, he was so helpful also picking up trash on set. He was always involved with everything. And it was really cool to see him so involved and to see somebody who could easily just take a step back still have so much passion for his project and I enjoyed that. He was just so much fun to work with. You see his creative genius when you’re there because he’s coming up with these ideas on the spot and how they can make that happen and sure enough his stunt team goes to work and they just make it happen right there. And Johnny is like a crack up, he was always starting something but he was really fun to work with as well.”

Rama’s Screen: Your character is a foreigner in this film, you had an accent, and of course your fighting style is different than Jackie’s which his is usually about fighting to escape. So can you talk a bit about how you form your character and the prep that went into that?

Eve Torres: “Yes, I was playing a foreigner, siberian Russian background. And I think it’s important to say how would this person fight. And also whenever she gets hurt, where is her strength from, and so you figuring out all of those things and really kind of buckling down this character. I’m glad that they’ve kind of listened to a little bit of my input in terms of what type of fighting that I wanted to do. There’s a little bit more of slugging it out and a little bit more of grabbing people and a little bit more grip to it. But it’s fun to watch. I was happy that they were open to not just doing the same type of choreography for everything.”

Rama’s Screen: Which costume was more exciting, the one you wore on the ring or the one you wore for this movie, for your character, Dasha?

Eve Torres: “I love Dasha’s costume, I kind of wanted to take it home but they wouldn’t let me have it, which is life, we go on. But the costume is a big part of it, they did a great job with the costume, I felt pretty badass.”

Rama’s Screen: How has that transition been for you.. from WWE to now acting in series and movies, how has that transition been for you?

Eve Torres: It’s a really fun but challenging transition because a lot of things do cross over especially in terms of stuntwork and fighting in films. Wow, I’m actually able to apply some things that I’ve learned from WWE and especially my character building and how this character fights, all of those things I learned from WWE. On the acting side, it’s a very different world. When you’re acting in front of camera, it’s different than acting in front of ten thousand people in an arena. And so just learning about that and just possibly trying to get better and learning from those around me, that’s really what it’s all about. I really enjoy the transition and I really like the challenge.”

Rama’s Screen: I’ve interviewed other athletes who turned into actors and they told me that they don’t like how there’s too much waiting on the film set, a lot of waiting.

Eve Torres: “That’s probably the hardest part of filming is waiting. It’s not the shooting, the shooting is fun, the fight scene is fun, a lot of work but they’re fun. The hardest part is waiting around for your turn.. there are some days when you get full costume and full everything and then they go ‘You’re not shooting, you’re shooting tomorrow.’ But that’s just the way it works, small price to pay.”

Rama’s Screen: I can’t let you go without asking you questions about WWE. So under what conditions would you consider coming back to the ring?

Eve Torres: “So ya know, obviously right now, the ego inside of me, I want to come back. But the realistic part of me,.. I’ve found my groove outside the WWE between my family life, I have a ten-month old son, my involvement in our family business, teaching self defense to women around the world. To me, this is something that I’m a part of that has a lot of meaning to me. And also being obviously involved in films and projects as they come up. The ability to have the freedom to do that far outweighs the life on the road. That is the hardest part of WWE, it’s the road life and you can’t have it without it. And so ya, I think that ship has sailed.”

Rama’s Screen: So is that why someone like the Undertaker could spend years doing his thing in the ring but I notice the divas don’t seem to last?

Eve Torres: “Ya, I mean I think part of it is women have children eventually if they want to and I did. So it’s really hard to be on the road when you’re the mom, when you’re the mother and you’re watching the children, it’s hard to be traveling. Because to bring them with you, I can’t even imagine what that life would be like, to be honest, it would be really hard. So it’s easy for men to travel, that’s why their career also lasts longer because they can have kids and still continue traveling whereas women when they start a family, it’s tough to do that.”

Rama’s Screen: How about this.. how about twenty years from now or so, WWE calls you back for the Hall Of Fame ceremony because you’ve been inducted, how about that scenario?

Eve Torres: “Aww, thank you. I would definitely make a come back for that.”


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